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A Free Standing, Multi-specialty, Ambulatory Surgical Center.

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Wilmington SurgCare Medical Staff
Frank D. Crowl, MD
Mark C. Grieb, MD
David Lensch, MD
Adrienne Singleton, MD
Miller Van Vliet, DO
George Brinson, MD
Stuart M. Hardy, MD
John E. McMurry, Jr., MD
Michael Parker, MD
Sarah Von Biberstein, MD
Gregory Zwack, MD
General Surgery
Gregory Bebb, MD
Gentry Caton, MD
Robert M. Cortina, MD
Thomas D. Eskew, MD
Kamran K. Goudarzi, MD
James Harris, MD
Mark Medley, MD
David R. Miles, MD
Robert M. Patton, MD
Joseph Payne, MD
Ellis A. Tinsley, Jr., MD
Bradford Tyler, MD
Mark Versnick, MD
Elizabeth S. Weinberg, MD
G.I. Procedures
Allen Andrews, MD
Gentry Caton,MD
Mark Medley, MD
David Miles, MD
Matthew Mlot, MD
Nicole Carroll, MD
Sarah Gore, DO
Fazil A. Mohamed, II, MD
Clarence Wilson, MD
George Alsina, MD
Jeffrey Beecher, DO
Adam Brown, MD
George Huffmon, MD
Alex Thomas, MD
Allen W. Brown, MD
Christopher Covington, DO
George K. Escaravage, Jr., MD
Brian Groat, MD
Laura L. Harris, MD
Richard Hawkins, MD
Darrell E. Hester, MD
Travis Jenkins, MD
Kathleen C. Leone, MD
Alan Oester, MD
Matej Polomsky, MD
Melissa Shipley, MD
Scott W. Tunis, MD
Robert Van Der Vaart, MD
Samantha Watson, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery
Richard Bahner, MD
Robert B. Boswell, MD
Jack Bowling, MD
Dale Boyd, MD
Chad Fortun, MD
Edwin Frueh, MD
Derrick G. Hickey, MD
Shawn Hocker, MD
Christopher Jarrett, MD
Claudius Jarrett, MD
Eric Lescault, DO
Craig LIppe, MD
Neil MacIntyre, MD
Albert Marr, MD
Douglas Messina, MD
Richard S. Moore, Jr., MD
John O’Malley, MD
Craig Rineer, MD
Daniel T. Rose, MD
Kevin Scully, MD
William R. Sutton, MD
Pain Management
Frank Crowl, MD
Mark Grieb, MD
David Lensch, MD
Plastic Surgery
Jeffrey Church, MD            
Charles R. Kays, MD
Tor Ljung, MD
Mark Morgan, MD
Edward Ricciardelli, MD
Kenneth White, MD
Matthew Dzurik, DPM
Robert P. McConekey, DPM
Edwin Martin, DPM
Robert B. O’Malley, DPM
Nicholas Noah, DPM
Jeffery B. Pupp, DPM
Richard R. Recko, DPM
Christopher C. Young, DPM
George W. Eason, MD
Robert Bennett, MD
David M. Kraebber, MD
Edward Whitesides, MD

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