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A Free Standing, Multi-specialty, Ambulatory Surgical Center.

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How Can Surgcare Help Me?

We offer surgical procedures in specialty areas of:

• General Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Plastic Surgery
• Endoscopy Procedures
• Eye Surgery
• Neurologic Surgery
• Pain Management
• Ear, Nose, & Throat Surgery
• Gynecological Surgery

Day Before Surgery

Do not eat, drink, chew gum, or eat candy after midnight. (Do not put anything in mouth after midnight) If you smoke, no smoking after 6pm. Please leave valuables, jewelry, and money at home. Plan on wearing loose, comfortable clothes (sweat suits or casual attire is fine).

Prior to Surgery

Your Physician will inform you of any test or examinations that may be required and arrange to have them done before your surgery. If it is convenient, you may stop at SURGCARE to register or we will call you and complete it over the telephone. (Please bring all health insurance cards with you.) Prepare a list of all medications and the dosages and bring it or the bottles with you the day of surgery.

Instructions for the Day of Your Surgery

Even though you've been told not to eat or drink after midnight, take daily medications with sip of water the morning of surgery. DO NOT take sedatives, tranquilizers, insulin, or aspirin unless you are told otherwise.

Come to Surgcare at the time we have scheduled you for.

You will need someone 18 years or older to take you home and stay with you over night.

Bring any forms the physician has given you.

Children may bring a favorite toy and/or blanket.

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